Moodle Illustration

The Moodle Illustration Lesson Task:

Choose a metaphor/concept/analogy that illustrates how you see Moodle with all its different elements and areas. Use a pencil and paper to draw this. Make an effort with this assignment and dare to be creative.

For the Moodle Illustration I started brainstorming with a pen and paper. Trying to sort out my feelings about all of this. All I could think about was this big brain with all this knowledge and opportunity. That’s how I saw the Moodle platform. A place to learn and to create a future. So, I started to write down all the feelings I had and then I gave the feelings colors. Then I visioned this little guy with a massive brain, feeling a bit lost with a lot of feelings. Then I thought of the left side/right side brain theory. I decided that I wanted to illustrate how the left side is the logical/facts part of the brain and the right side is the colorful creative side.  So that’s what I made with my pen and paper. It turned out better than I have hoped for. Especially since I can’t draw, but it was so much fun and inspiring to get started.

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