Lesson Task – Create a Personal Logo

Take the mood board you created in the last lesson task and now create your personal brand logo.

When it comes to determining your personal brand, no one knows better than yourself whether you’re traditional, trendy or tough.

Create a unique typeface accompanied by an icon or symbol that showcases you – or an aspect of you – as a brand. You are free to choose whether you want to add a tag line or not.

For this lesson task we had to create a personal logo for our own brand. Using our mood board as inspiration. I think i am falling in love with typography. I love mixing and combining different fonts together. A good use of words with a complementing font can be so powerful.

I think I am beginning to find my way. What I like and don’t like. I wanted my logo to be simple, beautiful and easy on the eye. For my brand name I decided to go with By Erica photography. At the moment I am building my own photography portfolio. I have a strong passion for photography and wish to combine my love for photography with my graphic design education in the future. I am really grateful that I took this step to start this education. For so long I had no idea of what I wanted to do but i am loving every second of this, even though it is really hard sometimes. I have learned a lot since I started and starting to feel like I can navigate my way through the Adobe (Ai, Id,Ps). From what almost seemed impossible to start with. The best is yet to come!

My inspiration Mood Board from last weeks LT:

My Brand Style Guide for my personal logo:

My Logo By Erica Photography:

In the future it will be By Erica Design & Photography.

The design is two different fonts. One serif font and one serif script font. Starting with a lowercase letter and some letter spacing. Placed in a circle with 3 different color background variations, the bubblegum pink and beige from the mood board. I chose not to make an Icon or symbol to be a part of my personal logo design. It just wasn’t me. You know when you get an idea and you just cant let it go. This is me. Clean and simple design with a good use of fonts if I may say so myself.

Hope you like it!

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