Lesson Task – The Art Of Photography – Question 3

Practical assignment (1-5 days)

Take five pictures every day for the next five days. The subjects of your pictures can include a series of different objects, people and landscapes. The focus of this activity is to put into practice what you have learned so far about exposure and composition. This includes: Depth of Field, Motion Blurr, High Key, Low Key, Pattern, Symmetry, Texture, Lines, Framing, Perspective, Space, Balance and Colour. Apply the manual settings as explained. Submit your six best pictures at the end of the week, listing the following with each picture:

  • ISO 
  • Aperture 
  • Shutter speed

I have had so much fun on this lesson task. I have been driving around scouting and stopping here and there to practise taking pictures. I got some great advice on the forum and tried my best to figure out how I could improve my pictures. I built a homemade studio from A4 papers in black and white for my low and high key pictures.

Here are my six best pictures of the week:

Long Exposure – ISO 100 – f / 8.0 – 1/8 sec
Freeze Water – ISO 3200 – f / 3.2 – 1/2000 sec
Depth of Field – ISO 800 – f / 14 – 1/60 sec
Balance and Color – ISO 400 – f / 4.5 – 1/100 sec
High Key – ISO 1600 – f / 2.8 – 1/15 sec
Low Key – ISO 100 – f / 2.8 – 1/4 sec

At the start of the week I was kind of nervous of the fact that we weren’t allowed to edit the pictures. Even though I understand why, because we are supposed to learn about exposure, composition, different settings and how they work together. But now I really get it, I think i managed to take some really good pictures without the need to correct them after. I probably will for my own use, just a little bit to enhance some colors. But here you have them my six best unedited pictures of the week.

Hope you like it!

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