Lesson Task – The Art Of Photography – Question 1 & 2

Question 1

Selecting the proper White Balance: (1 hour)
Take your camera outside during daylight and photograph the same scene using different white-balance settings. Move indoors and repeat the exercise with shooting in a tungsten-lighting environment. Finally, find a fluorescent light source and repeat one more time. Pay close attention to how each setting affects the overall colour cast of your images in different lighting environments and write down your findings.

Here I have tried out the different white-balance settings outside.

ISO: 800

f / 5.6

1 / 125 sec

It was a bit hard to shoot outside this week, the rain has been pouring down and the few hours when it didn’t there was so much fog. So some of the pictures are a bit grainy. I am used to tak portraits in good whether and light, but I have learned so much from this lesson task and it was really fun experimenting with white-balance, composition and different settings and styles this week. I am so excited to continue on experimenting and learning as much as I can about the art of photography.

Here is my different white-balance photos in tungsten-lightning:

This was actually a game changer for me. I have always struggled with taking photos inside, not getting the right light when actually I just didn’t know about setting the right white-balance to fix it.

ISO: 1600

f / 2.8

1 / 15 sec

Here is my different white-balance photos in fluorescent light:

ISO: 100

f / 2.8

1 / 125 sec

I don’t know why my settings were so off on the Christmas tree, I always try to have the lowest ISO possible to get better image quality but apparently I forget sometimes. I am used to just wing it and 4 out of 5 times it is a success. This was the only fluorescent light we had in the house so therefore a picture of my kitchen tools.

Question 2

Experimenting with Focus Modes: 

I have been experimenting with different focus modes this week, inside and outside. Learning a lot. Here are some pictures of different placements and focus point.

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