Lesson Task – Pace and Contrast

Compare the design (in terms of pace and contrast) of an online magazine, blog, or website to that of a printed magazine, book, or journal.

  • What differences can you see between the kinds of design strategies used in the two formats?
  • Write down your findings and upload it to WordPress.

For this LT I chose the magazine hundesport. It was the only magazine I had at home. I compared it to their website “The Norwegian kennel club”.

In the magazine, they have a two-column layout and their webpage has a three-column layout. Things they have in common are a lot of advertisement both in the magazine and online. The magazine focuses on personal stories, learning material, and promoting NKK courses. Activities and training tips. The website is more informational about breeding, membership, statistics, and other helpful material for members, breeders, and dog owners.

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