Lesson Task – Get The Basics Right – Part 2

Part 2

Surf the web and find 10 sites you would consider to be great websites. Simultaneously, make a list of 10 sites you consider bad web sites. Remember to describe why you would define them as such. Upload your lists on your blog.




Easy to navigate. Fast and user friendly. Very easy to search and to find what you are looking for. Also, it feels safe when you can go in and read ratings and comments about the seller. It works perfect on your phone or tablet too.


Easy to navigate. I love the concept, staying close to family and friends online. Perfect for communication. I actually like that the ads are created by the things I like. Many possibility, buy or sell. Follow companies, influencers and so much more. Easy to use and communicate trough. It works perfect on your phone or tablet too.


For us photographer lovers. Easy to navigate. Good information. Excellent customer service. Fast and easy to find what you are looking for.


This website used to be one that I could have chosen for my bad ones. It has recently been updated and It has a more clean and a modern feel to it. It is simple with just enough information and a consistent style. It looks good and it is easy to navigate, the menus are updated, clear and consistent with a few minor grid errors. I love that they have pictures of the different dishes. Makes it so much easier to choose from.


I love instagram. Simple, clean. A modern gallery for your pictures. Easy to navigate. Works perfect on your computer, phone or tablet.


Easy to navigate. Cute design and good colors. Easy to search and find what you are looking for. Great comment section and ratings of products. Perfect when shopping for the kiddos.


A modern fashion site. Clean and simple to navigate. Good use of colors and fonts. Fast and works good on your phone and tablet as well.


A beautiful design that feels luxurious. You get an instant feel of wellness and harmony when visiting their website. Beautiful pictures and you can see that they have invested in their web design. Everything works perfectly together. Good structure and layout combined with complementing colors and fonts. Just a beautiful website.


A well structured website. Easy to navigate. Fast and simple. Good pictures and color use.


A lovely website when in need of children’s clothing. Beautiful pictures and easy to navigate. Clean, simple with good color use and fonts.

For me what defines a good website is that it is user-friendly, it works good on all your devices. Fast and simple to use. Good pictures and style. Not too much clutter and colors.



Don´t be fooled by the eye catching design. A nightmare to find and search for products. Not user-friendly at all.


Too much information and pictures. Not enough breathing space. So much going on. I like the quality and prices of the clothes though.


This website doesn’t work for me at all. No pictures and very little information. Bad layout, color and fonts for me personally.


Too much clutter and almost impossible to read. Outdated and old.


Alternative medicine I would never buy. This dose not look like a site to be trusted. Colors and grids dose not exist in harmony or at all and it is way too much information and clutter.

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