Lesson Task – Create a Wireframe

Now it’s your turn to create your very own website wireframe.In the last task, you had to come up with a list of 10 questions for a briefing form. I would like you to now fill in this briefing form, take the answers and create a wireframe for the site.

This wireframe do not have to be a wireframe for your current Course Assignment (Product Website) it’s purely for you to practice your skills.You can choose if you want it to be a lo-tech or hi-tech architecture.  Regardless of which method you choose, I would like to see as much detail as possible. Also, please write a short paragraph to explain why you chose the lo-tech or hi-tech option.

My 10 Questions:

1. What is the purpose/message for the website?

To showcase my designs and portfolio.

2. Who are you and what is your product/services?

This is my personal website that I am using to showcase my designs and portfolio as a becoming graphic designer .

3. What is the end goal of the website?

For people to visit the website to see my designs.

4. Who is your target audience?

Anyone interested in graphic design.

5. Do you have any existing style guides and guides lines?

No, not yet.

6. What make your products/services unique?

Adding my own personal touch to my designs.

7. Do you want to build a new website or redesign an existing one?

I never had my own website, so I am really excited to get started building my new website.

8. Do you have your own graphics and pictures?

No, not yet.

9. How much traffic are you estimating?

As this is my personal website for school and my portfolio I don’t estimate huge traffic.

10. Would you like us to provide ongoing support and maintenance for the website?

No, I will maintenance my own website.


I want a minimalist website. Low-tech, easy to navigate in and no clutter. This website is going to be a reflection of me and my style as a graphic designer. Here I can showcase my designs and portfolio, I am also thinking of doing a section for my photographs and personal designs.


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