AW05 – Strategic Design Overview

LT 1.1 – A knack for names

Create some names for ice cream. The brand has a range of different flavors, but the unique aspect it should communicate is that it’s the coldest ice cream in existence.

Now come up with five name options for this product (you shouldn’t spend more than a few minutes on each name) using inspiration from:

  • Latin
  • Colours
  • Metaphors
  • Science
  • Myths

Make a quick draft in Adobe Illustrator of each of the names using only typography. Upload this to your WordPress blog, clearly indicating the inspiration for each of the five names.

This was a really fun lesson task. I started out doing some quick research online with some thoughts I had. Then I started to look for some appropriate fonts and colors for this task. So here it is:

Latin – Glacies Frigus

Glacies Frigus means Ice Cold in English. So you are in for an ice-cold treat with this one!

Color – Frozen Blue

Here I chose a color called Frozen blue and a font inspired by the Disney movie Frozen. Brrr…

Metaphors – Winter Is Coming

Here I chose to go with a popular metaphor and quote from Game of Thrones. You can just feel yourself getting colder by that ice cream name.

Science – Arctic Extreme

Here I chose to go with the name Arctic Extreme. There is a lot of scientific nature research done there and the extreme weather suggests that it is extremely cold so therefore the name Arctic extreme.

Myths – Hypothermia

Here I chose to go with the name Hypothermia. There is a lot of myths out there about hypothermia so I thought that would be an appropriate name for a mythical ice cream flavor. Also, because of the meaning of the name hypothermia that your body begins to lose heath, therefore, making it one of the coldest ice cream flavors in history.

Hope you like it!

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