I´m Erica


A second-year Graphic Designer student at Noroff vocational school in Norway. I have over the past 4 semesters worked on many creative projects and assignments.

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CA05 - Magazine Design
We were asked to create a magazine layout and design for a new magazine focusing on global issues. We got all the articles and had to acquire or produce photographs and illustrations ourselves. We also had to come up with a name and logo for this assignment. We had to develop a concise strategy and visual concept that will form the basis of the magazine and its layout.

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CA06 - Motion Design
We were asked to create an opening title sequence for Noroffs annual award show using After Effects. The title sequence will present Noroff’s courses in an exciting way and should end with the Diamond Awards logo.

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CA07 - Photoshoot, Awareness Campaign

We were asked to create an awareness campaign poster for A21. A21 is an international organization working to eliminate human trafficking and abolish injustice in the 21st Century. The poster should showcase a name, slogan, and any additional text you would like to add. The “hero” of the poster should, however, be an impactful photograph. A photograph that we had to plan and shoot ourselves using a model and natural light.

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Project Exam 2 - hi media

For our Project Exam, we had to learn practical skills and knowledge of the tools used for working with graphic design with a real client.

This included project management, dealing with a client, developing an interactive website, conceptual development, and communicating a message to a defined target audience.

This time I used a WordPress theme as a base and built it from there which gave me much more creative freedom.

hi media