CA05 - Sakana Sushi

We were asked to create an online menu with a responsive design for a fictitious sushi or pizza restaurant. I chose to go with the sushi menu and I named it "Sakana sushi".

Creating the online menu for Sakana Sushi was a challenging assignment considering I had never coded a website from scratch before. I have definitely learned a lot since then.

Sakana Sushi

Bicicleta Free Vector No Bike

CA07 - Bergen Biking

We were asked to create an online website for a cycling site in Bergen with a responsive design for all the different cycling routes. I chose to call it "Bergen Biking".

Creating an information design website for Bergen Biking was also a challenging assignment considering we had to code it ourselves using HTML & CSS. This time we had to add four different cycling routes and some information about every route.

Bergen biking


Project Exam 1 - Ava Wood Interior Design

For our Project Exam, we had to learn the practical skills and knowledge in the tools used for working with graphic design focusing on screen-based media.

This included project management, dealing with a client (in my case a fictional one), develop an interactive website, conceptual development, and communicating a message to a defined target audience.

This time I used a WordPress theme as a base and built it from there which gave me much more creative freedom.

Ava Wood Interior Design

fredrik 2

CA06 - Studio Shooting

We were asked to create an advertisement for a new radio station. I chose the genre independent "up and coming"/ indie electronica artists. 

For the radio advertisement, I went for an electronica/indie vibe. With the studio photography, I had Indiependent "up and coming" artists in mind.

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Coffee Package Mockup - 001

CA 08 - Branding & Packaging

We were asked to create a dog food brand and a presentation of a dog food product with packaging, a point of sale and an informative brochure design.

I wanted to create a brand that was a little more exclusive than the regular brands. Feeling a bit luxurious, when only the best is good enough for your best furry little friend.

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