Part A

Consider the touchpoints of your brand in general (to ensure that all the elements work together) and then focus on your packaging. Design a set of Point of Sale elements that will promote your product in-store.

Part B

Brand manual.
Take pictures of your elements and include them in a presentation of your brand called a brand manual or a design manual. Your brand manual should have a minimum of 7 pages and include logo, color scheme and chosen typography as well as the different elements produced during this 4 week project period (brochure, infographic, packaging, point of sale). 
Hand in your brand manual as a PDF.

For my Point of Sale, I chose to make a stand that you can place in the store. You can easily move it around to get a good placement so it catches the customer’s eyes. I think it would look amazing with the dog food bags from Power Pooch up there.

Brand Manual Power Pooch

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